Investment Strategy

The Tactical Asset Allocation Balanced Strategy draws elements from our Core Equity, All Cap and Core Fixed Income strategies to generate returns while reducing volatility and downside risk:

  • Our equity approach is to buy the most assets, cash flow and earnings for the fewest dollars in companies that stand to be the beneficiaries of global capital flows.
  • Our fixed income approach primarily focuses on preservation of principal with secondary consideration of income generation.

Investment Process

Allocation Strategy

We employ a tactical asset allocation strategy, where we determine the asset mix based on our assessment of the most opportunistic risk/reward characteristics among equity, fixed income and cash.

Portfolio Construction

  • We combine a top-down view with fundamental analysis that evaluates credits across securities and identifies businesses poised to benefit from secular themes with the greatest margin-of-safety in their valuations.
  • With the primary goal of maintaining and building purchasing power over time, this approach can lead to industry and sector allocations that differ from that of market indices.

Our Strategies

A differentiated range of investment strategies

Our team of seasoned investment professionals work collaboratively to develop and deliver high-conviction, low-correlated strategies designed to help clients achieve their financial objectives.

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