ARS Core Equity Strategy

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Investment Strategy

Our Core Equity Strategy invests in high quality companies with strong balance sheets and reasonable earnings growth. These companies have above average dividend yields with the prospect for dividend growth. The strategy is well diversified across sectors.

Investment Process

Allocation Strategy

Our overarching macro outlook focuses on addressing the economic, social and political environment to identify those areas of the economy that will thrive and to which capital will flow. The Core Equity Strategy considers those companies and sectors that align with our macro outlook, while de-emphasizing or avoiding those that we believe are facing the greatest headwinds.

Portfolio Construction

We apply standards of valuation to find businesses that will benefit the most.

  • Identifying undervalued companies with important earnings growth provides the opportunity to achieve significant absolute returns without taking on undue risk.
  • ARS views its active sector selection process as being critical for balancing current income generation with the goal of increasing purchasing power over time.
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