ARS Focused All Cap Strategy

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Investment Strategy

We seek to identify the best-positioned and undervalued companies across market capitalization ranges and include investments characterized as growth and/or value in their orientation. Our primary goal is to build the purchasing power of portfolios over time.

Investment Process

At ARS, our Focused All Cap philosophy is to buy the most assets, cash flow and earnings for the fewest dollars, among leading companies that stand to be the beneficiaries of global capital flows. Our research begins with analyzing important secular trends identifying areas in the economy that will thrive and to which capital will flow.

Portfolio Construction

  • We prioritize those industries benefiting the most from the strongest secular trends and avoiding those with the greatest secular headwinds. This often leads to industry and sector allocations that diverge from that of market indices.
  • We then select businesses poised to benefit from these trends, with the greatest margin of safety in their valuations.
  • We maintain communication with company management teams to further our insight into the quality of leadership that drives a company‚Äôs performance.
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