Survey | February 2020

Learnings From the 2019 Lessons From a Life Well Lived Client Survey

From an early age, we’re taught that money is not a “polite” topic of conversation – even within families. Often, there is an emotional overlay to family financial discussions that can add another layer of complication.

That is reflected in the reality that less than  40 percent of North Americans have an up-to-date will or estate plan. This is an increasingly urgent issue given that a major intergenerational wealth transfer will take place over the next 20 years, and its beneficiaries may not be well-prepared to manage it on their own.

As a trusted advisor, here are ARS’ five top tips for you and your family to both become better educated and to break the taboo around discussing money:

In a 2019 survey, we asked respondents about how their life goals aligned with their financial goals. Looking back, what would you tell your younger self about saving and investing? How well are you communicating that insight with your family? What are your priorities going forward? Please click above for a summary of the results and key takeaways.


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