The Outlook
October 2021

Looking At the World Through a Different Lens

    In this issue:
  • Why investors need to look past the negative near-term headlines
  • The story many are missing – lessons from the Midwest tour
  • The energy transition – embracing old and new
  • Investment implications and opportunities


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A differentiated range of investment strategies

Our team of seasoned investment professionals work collaboratively to develop and deliver high-conviction, low-correlated strategies designed to help clients achieve their financial objectives.

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Our Core Investment Principles

We believe...

  • … securities trade in an auction market that has inherent inefficiencies.
  • … opportunities to make successful investments in good businesses and managers exist regardless of market direction.
  • … most of the best investments are accompanied by higher levels of discomfort when initiated.
  • … there is often an inverse relationship between the popularity of a security and its value.
  • … undervalued companies with identifiable earnings growth catalysts offer significant absolute returns without excessive risk.
  • … investment risk is viewed as overpaying for a business or incorrectly projecting its future earnings.
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We are pleased to share the latest Outlook, published by the ARS Investment Partners Investment Policy Committee.

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A replay of our latest call: "What Matters Now: Are Investors Using an Old Economy Playbook for a New Economy World?" featuring Sean Lawless and Ross Taylor is available below.

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